Friday, July 03, 2015

Postman problem solved + outgoing and incoming post.

Hi everyone! I haven't received any mail after I had written the last blogpost. Until today. Recently, I have found out there was a new postman in our area who didn't take his job too seriously... There have been a lot of problems with him lately, and yesterday I took a ride to the local post office to express my dissatisfaction. I was told that the new postman was only working as a locum for the old one and that he would only do it for one more week.

I had been waiting for letters from three Polish girls that I got to know on a pen palling Facebook group. The founder of the group, Ada (whose letter I am still awaiting but I'm hoping it'll arrive soon), came up with an idea of this great action which everyone interested in snail mail could take part in. Ada collected our addresses and made a draw assigning us one or two of them each. We had to write surprise letters to the people whose addresses Ada had chosen for us. I was happy to find out I had to write a letter to Ada! I wish I had taken my own picture of the letter I wrote so I could upload it on the blog. However, Ada snapped a picture of it and posted it to our Facebook group. I don't think she'll mind me using her picture to show you my letter to her:

It would seem that the complaint has been treated seriously because the new postman brought a bunch of letters today! I had already started believing that the mail must've got lost... So these are the letters from two lovely girls: Dworak and Wiktoria:

Dworak, thanks for the tea, that little angel and the kisiel <3 (kissel)

The postman looked quite grumpy today, if you ask me. What if he knew I was the one to complain about him? Sorry, not sorry!

Yesterday I finished writing my letter to my Chinese pen pal who lives in Taiwan. Ying Syuan is such a lovely and nice person and we've already exchanged a couple of letters. All her letters are thoughtful, beautiful and interesting. I hope my post will reach her soon! You can find some snaps of my letter to Ying Syuan below.

I also included my favourite recipe :)

I feel so happy and relieved that the incoming letters didn't get lost. I hope the new postman will do his work scrupulously from now on. I'm still awaiting two more letters: one from Ada that I had mentioned already and another one from my Polish friend living in Sweden. 

That would be it for today's blogpost! It was quite random because I hadn't thought I would write it today. However, it makes me happy that I have things to write about. I have plenty of ideas for future blogposts as well but if there is something you would like me to write about, let me know in the comments below! I will take all suggestions into consideration. 



  1. Hopefully Mr Postie will do his job better from now on! And like you said, it's great that none of your incoming letters didn't get lost.

    Btw, I really love the photos of your letter to Ying Syuan. Your handwriting is so pretty :)

    1. YES! Hopefully he will!
      Thank you, dear! :)

  2. My dearest Caroline!
    You can't imagine what a joy it was when I entered your blog and noticed that I have 2 lovely and beuatifully written blogpost to catch up here. I'm already a devoted fan of your blog and I really find it inspiring. Your wonderful postcard reached me without problems and I'm very grateful for your heart and effort. It evoked such a big smile on my face - you are such a lovely person. ♡
    It was a pleasure to see your pictures of snail mail. You were right when you said that you also had different handwritings, hehe ;) But they all are so neat and beautiful! I hope to write a blogpost about my outgoings and incomings soon as well.
    As for your question - I would love to read about your penpalling routine - what do you have to have in a reach of hand while you are writing, how do you prepare the whole writing process, whats important for you while writing a letter etc. :)
    I'm sending you hugs all the way from mountains. ♡

    1. Dear Edii, thank you for your lovely words and support and everything! It makes me so happy that there are people like you out there who really enjoy reading my blogposts. I'm so happy I've created this blog!
      Thank you for suggesting a blogpost topic. I will definitely consider writing about my letter-writing routine :)

      Sending hugs your way! xx