Monday, June 29, 2015

If only we had our own owls to carry letters...

Hello there! How have you all been? I want to give you a quick update on what has been happening in my little snail mail world recently. Although at first I want to ask you a question: have you ever felt disappointed by your own mailbox before? If it comes to me, the postman in my area must clearly hate my letterbox because he's been avoiding putting letters in it for a whole long week! Several times I walked all the way to the gate* to check my mailbox for letters every single day. Every time my high hopes were destroyed by finding out the mailbox was empty. No, wait... I actually found A BILL there once! Has everyone forgotten about me? Or is the postal service really slow? To be honest, I wish everyone could have their own owl that one could use for carrying letters just like in the Harry Potter series. Wouldn't that be wonderful? If you ask me, I think it would be much quicker and handier! We wouldn't have to rely on the postal service. There would hardly be any problems with sending letters to your friends plus it would be much cheaper ☺ 

I love Harry Potter, by the way! 

The past week was particularly busy for me. I had a couple of family reunions and had to prepare for my exams in college. Thankfully, I managed everything alright. I didn't write many letters, although I posted a postcard to the wonderful Edii who also runs a snail mail blog:
Edi hasn't been feeling too great lately so I hope the postcard cheered her up a bit! 

the postcard I sent to Edi last week

Other than that, I thought I would reactivate my account on Postcrossing again! Admittedly, I closed my profile on that website a while back but I have missed it. There is something special and magical about choosing a postcard you are going to send to a stranger living in a foreign country! This time I got to write postcards to Russia and Germany:

this one is travelling to Russia

and this one is going to reach Germany


Before I end this post I would like to ask you some questions about your snail mail plans for the summer this year. Are you going anywhere? If you do, are you likely to send postcards / letters to your friends? Do you think summertime is when people get most postcards? I wish you a good start of your summer holiday! My break hasn't started for me just yet! I have a couple more college exams to pass... Hopefully I'll have more time for myself when I'm back in Ireland in about two weeks!


*To those who are feeling confused: In Poland and some other European countries people have letterboxes hanging on the tall gates encircling their private properties. In Ireland and the United Kingdom there are no mailboxes. In those countries most houses have special slots in their front doors through which letters are delivered. Additionally, in the United States people have mailboxes that differ from the European ones:

an example of a Polish letterbox (source)

letter slots in the UK and Ireland (source)

a typical mailbox in the USA (source)


  1. Zawsze chciałam wrzucać przesyłki przez szparę w drzwiach - to chyba takie upodobanie właśnie przez Harrego Pottera. Myślę, że gdyby to sowy roznosiły naszą pocztę, to byłoby to zdecydowanie szybsze i nawet zabawniejsze:)

  2. I am going to the States in August and of course I am going to send postcards! I already made my list for my trip, although I am going to bring some of the mail back home because I am going to write a travel journal and add a card to each copy.

  3. I do usually write mail when travelling, on the train or while relaxing at the destination. It's nice and I feel good, but sometimes I get all lazy and don't do a thing other than enjoying nature ... :-)

  4. I agree, owl mail would be the greatest thing ever! (And not just because owls just happen to be extremely cute.) Letters would reach their destination in a day and nothing would get lost, either, unless -of course- someone evil interfered.

    To tell you the truth, I'm often disappointed in my own mailbox even though I know that it's silly to expect letters every day. After all, I don't have *that* many penpals. Still, seen as I've only received 2 letters during the last two weeks, I've started to wonder if letters might have got lost...