Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A lot of incoming mail!

Hello everyone! I have returned to Ireland! I probably would have written this blogpost sooner but some problems have occurred and my laptop charger is broken. I am planning on buying a new one in the nearest future but for now I have to use my boyfriend's computer. So, thank you for letting me use your laptop, boyfriend :)

I came home to see a huge mail pile that had been getting bigger and bigger during my absence. I received seven lovely letters in total and if you don't believe me that my pen pals are the best people in the world, have a look at the pictures I'm going to attach below. Maybe you'll change your mind! You might have seen those pictures already if you follow me on Instagram. I tend to post a lot of stuff on there so I recommend you follow me!

click on the attached picture above ^

I'm now going to show you what my lovely pen pals sent me last week. Loads and loads of lovely mail! I'm really lucky to have such thoughtful pen friends. Let's start from the letter that Anka from Slovenia sent me. I don't know what it is about black envelopes but I really love them. I need to make some of my own at some point. By the way, that tea Anka sent me was yummy! I really enjoyed it. I'm a huge tea person so I love to get tea bags from foreign countries!

Next I am going to show you all the goodies Shay from the Philippines sent me. She made me two amazingly pretty bookmarks that I intend to use for when I read paper books. I've been mostly reading on my Kobo lately 'cause I'm short of money and can't afford to buy books in paper, unfortunately. Being a bookworm is tough sometimes. But anyway, here's all the mail love Shay sent me:

Aren't these adorable?

Here's a lovely letter from my beloved pen pal Sophie! She always sends me long and interesting letters that are full of love. This time Sophie sent me a "new home" card because I'd officially moved into my house in Ireland. I can't wait to start responding to Sophie's letter! I'm writing her a notebook-long letter now and I hope she'll love it 'cause I've been trying to make it special and interesting. I'm planning on writing a separate blogpost on notebook-long letters.

Thank you, Sophie <3

Another letter made a long journey all the way from Indonesia. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how beautiful it was! Andria, you totally made my day! Thank you for the little dreamcatcher, it's a brilliant touch to my collection of dreamcatchers (I collect dreamcatchers from all over the world). Thank you, thank you 

And another lovely letter from Lozzi who lives in the UK. Look at the pretty handmade envelope that she created! The letter she wrote me was really nice to read, too.

The next letter came from Barcelona, Spain. That city is one of my favourite places in this world and I always wanted to become pen friends with someone who lives there. One day a guy named Enric wrote me a message asking if he could send me a letter and I let him do it :)

Lastly, I am going to show you the letter I got from Jessica whom I've been pen pals with for quite a long time. Jess also lives in Ireland but she's from County Kerry. She's lucky to live there 'cause that's the most beautiful county in Ireland in my opinion.

That would be it for today's post. I have more incoming mail to show you but I don't want to make this blogpost even longer than it already is. Do you prefer shorter or longer posts? Let me know! And bye for now!

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  1. Wow! You really seem to have a lot of lovely pen pals ♥ The dreamcatcher is really cute :) I used to make them on my own a while ago.

    Hopefully someday I can post such a lovely post on my blog as well. Let's see how it works out with all me new pen pals :D